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    Margrett of Ussex, born in 13th Century England, is a rebellious young woman of noble birth. 

    To escape an arranged marriage, she chooses the life of a nun, leaving behind a secret rendezvous with a tradesman. But she hides her special dragonfly brooch he created just for her, and the knowledge that she is carrying his child. 

    When her dragonfly, and later, her precious child are taken from her by the vindictive Mother Superior, she makes a hidden vow to find them both and search for Drew, her one and only love.  She prays that the luminescent wings of the Dragonfly will lead her on her quest. 

    The Hidden Vow is a compelling tale of eternal love, unfolding secrets and a courageous woman’s journey of never-ending hope. 


    “Terrific reading. The Hidden Vow has it all, romance, intrigue and history. Gloria Nye has brought Margrett to life with such clarity that she literally jumps off the pages. I can barely wait for the next book in the series. This is one of those books that is almost impossible to put down.”

Marilyn Kleiber,


    The Hidden Vow, by Gloria Nye, has all the elements of a good read: forbidden love, struggles for power and control, the quest for true freedom, and more. This book is not only a good read, it creates an alchemy which resonates deep within the reader's psyche.

                                                                                                             Kate Slemin 

                                Guelph, ON,             

    “This book was a revelation. As a fan of Barbara Erskine and that style of book, I was not expecting this to be good at all, and boy was I proved wrong! I could not put it down. When is the next book coming out?????”                          Stephensman

Margrett’s story is fascinating as she navigates  life as a nun.  The Hidden Vow is a celebration of the imagination.  

                                    Mary Ann Moore,

                                    Poet, Writing Mentor.